Camden Skies

It’s very fall-ish out there now.  Probably my favourite time of year, at least for another week or so until the sad reality of November hits.  These photos were taken at my best friends riding stable.  There are two barns on the property, the older barn that’s up on the hill near the house, and the newer barn that’s sort of nestled down over the hill.  When you drive down the driveway to the main barn it’s easy to know where Ann will be.  If Ben comes careening down the hill from the house – she’s in the house.  If there’s a soft glow coming from the right side of the barn, she’s “down in the barn”.  Especially cozy this time of year with the crisp smell of fall and the abundance of apples.  You have to be fast though to get the cider.

Both of these photos were taken on a clear night at a slow shutter speed on a tri-pod and have not been altered in Photo Shop except to resize them.


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