Moody Blue

I confess, I am not a lover of winter.  I can take the snow, the frozen water buckets, wet wool socks and beet pulp soaking in a tub by the door.  I can even tolerate the boring times by myself while my husband is out into the wee hours of the morning plowing snow.  I have no problem with woodstoves, winter hats, mittens or donning extra layers of clothes for late night trips to the barn lugging buckets filled with hot water.  What I can’t stand however is those short days.  The dark that creeps on long before supper and the feeling that we’re always up past our bedtimes for about 6 months of the year.  I just wish it could be lighter longer.  It sure would make winter much more pleasant.

Putting aside my winter complaint I managed snap an interesting shot of a wintery evening sky.  I guess it’s not all bad.  Stars look nicer in the winter too, I’ll try that next time.

moody, blue winter sky


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