Guard Duty.

Taking photos when it’s -12 C is not something I frequently do, however I get bored standing around in the sub zero temperatures and thought it would be a cool way (pardon the pun) to kill time.  You might be wondering why I stand outside in such weather every night freezing my toes off…well that just goes to show how little you know about horses.

I have 2 horses – one slightly wimpy but charming little Quarter Horse who doesn’t keep weight on easily when it’s cold, and one very over bearing and more than slightly obnoxious Percheron cross who thinks everything needs his personal seal of approval and spends far too much time bossing the aforementioned wimp around.

All this means, is that I have to stand guard over Slick while he eats so Tiberius doesn’t steal it.  Of course, Tiberius is  also put out because he isn’t getting any.   Regardless this is what I was doing this evening and at the same time trying to get a decent photo of the moon – which I’m learning is very difficult with a digital camera of any description.  I haven’t given up on it….yet.  Neither photo is fabulous, but I still thought I’d share.


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