These Aren’t the Droids You’re Looking For…

Jedi Stitch

I was just thinking today how it would be great to get rescued from boring or uncomfortable situations in life.  Mind you, I don’t get into the kind of scrapes like Princess Leia does, what with the stench of General Tarkin in the air or some mind melting orb threatening my life at inconvenient times.  Still,  it would be nice to maybe get rescued from a meeting or a tense afternoon at the office where holding your breath actually makes you feel better.

Getting rescued is improbable – I mean, where can you find a good Jedi when you need one these days?  It’s not like you can use the Bat Signal.  That’s just ridiculous.  Still a few Jedi mind tricks would come in handy…especially at work.  Just something to think about… I SAID just something to think about….think about it.  Is it working yet?  Didn’t think so…

It’s better to leave the real rescuing up to God.  Doesn’t  stop me from thinking about it sometimes though… “those aren’t the changes  you want.  Everything’s fine the way it is.   I can take the afternoon off.”


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