Calling Jay Leno…

I can’t make this stuff up.  This was in the local newspaper today.

Truro man loses licence after failing breathalyser
TRURO – Anyone planning to serve as designated driver for their drinking pals, might want to stick to non-alcoholic beverages for themselves.
That was the message delivered to a Truro man who was convicted in provincial court this week of failing the breathalyser.
Timothy Edward Crowe, 29, of 22 Willow Lane, Apt. 12, was fined $1,150 and had his licence revoked for one year.
He was charged last November after police were called to the Robie Street McDonald’s outlet because of a report that a vehicle had struck the building.
Crowe reportedly told police he had only consumed five drinks that evening because he was the designated driver, a factor that  prompted the judge to comment that amount would certainly affect one’s ability to drive.
“I’d say the concept of designated driver doesn’t really fit with somebody having five drinks,” Chief Justice Patrick Curran said.


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