Jenna’s Rock Collection

jenna's collection

You know there are just some things that are precious to kids that they hold in high regard.  Often it’s things that we don’t think are important because they’re not important to us.  I don’t think that’s fair.  Just because something isn’t important to you doesn’t mean it’s not important.  It’s just not important to you and at the end of the day – who are you anyways?  Why do your desires, feelings and opinions matter more than someone elses?  In the end it’s just YOUR opinion and YOUR feelings.  Not more or less important than someone elses.  For kids, things like promises you make to them shouldn’t be taken lightly.  They don’t forget.  They’re not stupid or dull or to be taken advantage of or even worse – lied to.  I can promise you they won’t forget it and they won’t forget how you made them feel.   So here’s to sandcastles, seashells and rock collections.  Treasures beyond all measure.


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