Spaghetti and Breakfast.

I thought I should start writing.  Like actually start writing.  Not sit around thinking, “gee I should write something” but actually putting pen to paper (how quaint) and just start.  Well there’s nothing like a blank piece of lined scribbler paper to draw a blank in your brain.  While I’m sitting there my husband asks, “What are you doing?”  I answer “Writing some ideas down.”  Right.  Well after about a half an hour of scribbling and watching Jeopardy I decide, why not ask him for some ideas.

So I ask him, “What kind of books do you like?”  After he gives me several lame answers all describing books we’ve both already read he says, quite honestly “I like Westerns.”

“Westerns.  Really?  Why?”

“I don’t know.” He says, then laughing says, “He was a tall man, a handsome man.”  This is a long running joke poking fun at Louis Lamour books apparently.  Then he adds, “No, it’s the bacon.”

Wow.  Can the popularity of decades of western movies and books all be attributed to thick cut bacon?  Who needs special effects when a slab of bacon does the trick?  Well, bacon and coffee so thick you could stand a horse shoe up in it.


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