Summer lover. Earwig hater. Puppet Maker. Movies. Beaches. Dogs and Horses. Farms. Blundstones. Camping. Hiking. Taking Pictures. Best Aunt. Jesus Freak. Guacamole. Cameras. Starbucks Lattes. Book re-reader.  Stories.  Fireflies and campfires. Good shampoo.  Cakes. Computers.  Guitar lover.  Bird feeders.  Spiders = eek.  Club soda and lemons. Felt boards. Bookstores. Bare feet. Funny stories. Bad puns and silly jokes. Family. Friends. Annoying, silly and sweet husband. Old dogs.  Puppies.  Agriculture Fairs and National Parks. Pumpkins. Fresh picked apples. Bluenose. White mini-lights. Hammocks. Silver. Farmers Markets.  Lavender. Braids.  Baseball Caps and Cowboy Hats. Graphite Pencils. Cozy Fires. Fresh cut hay.


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