Reader Bored.

As in “Reader Boards”, you know those signs many businesses have either on a pole sign under their logo or a contraption they either rented or bought and hauled out near the side of the road.

Fresh Local Beef
Ladies Pant $2
Window Clea
Bicycle Helmets

Yikes.  Do I really want to buy bacon from a place that only sells one pant leg?

Reader board people of the earth – think before you magnetically attach letters for the whole world to see.  Think about the message you’re putting out there.  What do you want to tell people?  I realize there’s a short space and even fewer letters but I think you can’t sit in the middle on this one.  You either list items with a special price or make the effort to engage the people whizzing by your place of business. Every time you put up a sign or place text on a reader board you’re telling people who you are, what you care about and sadly if you don’t know how to string two thoughts together or failed all your spelling tests in grade school.

Invest in new letters when your old ones either get stolen, damaged or lost.  A z is not an n on its side and a sideways e does not an m make.  Give your customers some credit.  Give them a reason to read it.  It’s better to change it frequently then to cram it with a weeks worth of stuff or worse yet leaving it blank.  Stay current with your outdoor reader board – it’s your statement to the world.  It’s always a good idea to look at your business from your customer’s point of view – not what easy and fast for you.


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