Who Cares?

Well if you asked that question of most big businesses right now they’d say “I do I do!”  The thing is, do we believe them?  I’ve just noticed a trend in advertising lately that makes me roll my eyes and gag a little.  Now before you start thinking I’m a just cynic (I prefer realist btw) I’m not, I’ve been known to get misty even over some television commercials.  Take that recent Olympic commercial for Visa where the bucolic voice of Morgan Freeman retells the story of how during the winter Olympics in Turin, Canadian skier Sara Renner broke a pole and the Norwegian coach Bjørnar Håkensmoen gave her one and she went on to win Silver.  In response Canadian business man Michael Page donated 8,000 cans of maple syrup – with the end tag line “Hope you like pancakes Norway”.  Got me misty.  So I am capable of falling for the hook.

Still the trend I’m talking about is large corporations (especially pirates banks) who are really amping up that down home or homey message.  It’s just a little tough to swallow that idea when, for instance, a large grocery store chain says they really care about the health of our families when they sell things like Cheez Whiz – which I’m not even sure is really food to be honest.  I guess it just bugs me that they’re trying to take that small town, back to basics, simple life, small business feel that most small business owners aspire to and gobble that up for themselves too. (Right along with market share, large pocket books and purchasing power).

I just wonder who they think they’re fooling.


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