Real Food Flavour.

I used to poke fun at those food labels “Real Fruit” then underneath in smaller letters “flavoured” or the ambiguous “Low Fat” with the disclaimer “Lower than our regular version.” Really?

How long did those labels really fool anyone?  I suppose there are a few shoppers who don’t bother to look closer at the label to see what it really means.  That also got me thinking about food labels.  I used to wonder how companies had the bravery (read legislated into it) to actually post their nutritional information on products that had such poor numbers.  They still try to fool you with lower portion sizes or weights as the basis.

Still, what really made me pause during this trip to the grocery store was a can of popular tinned pasta-a-roni (you can guess which one) whose only real contribution to anything remotely reminiscent of nutrition was a pitiable percentage of Vitamin A at 6%.  There’s 10% in tsp of butter.  Yikes.  Ew.  People are eating this and feeding it to their kids.  I’m sure once in a while it’s not going to kill you but I was left standing the canned food aisle thinking, on a simple molecular level, how much of this is really food?  I’d be scared to see the results of what a mass spectrometer would tell us.  Just sitting on a grocery store shelf doesn’t make something food.  After all you can buy batteries and soap there too.


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