Thank you.


Being thankful doesn’t require any particular reason.  Yesterday at church our pastor talked a little about being thankful, hopeful, joyful.  I think I’m a bit guilty of being more full of myself than thanks or anything else lately.  I’ve probably just had too much time to think.  Not good when you’re an adult trying to hide a bad case of A.D.D.!  I also stumbled upon a nice blog Simple Stewardship when I was surfing last night…I think the search was gardening related, but I can’t remember!  But I digress (see?) SQUIRREL!  Anyhow she had a great idea for a post about what she’s thankful for.  I loved the idea and completely could relate to #’s 3, 4 and 1 so decided to borrow/steal her idea.  Reminding myself today of what I’m thankful for.

1) Being Rescued.  God could have left me where I was.  Lost, uncertain, bored, self-righteous.  But he didn’t, he rescued me from my self and a life apart from Him.  I grew up thinking I knew all about God and eventually realized how little I did know.  I realized how much crap and nonsense I was filling my life up with to distract myself when I finally got the things I wanted and still felt empty.  Sound like you? Pastor Greg talks straight.

2) A Funny Husband.   Boy does he drive me crazy, but I love him.  He’s always on my side, thinks the sun rises and sets on my head and for some crazy reason thinks I’m smart.  I hope he doesn’t figure it out…

3) My Family.  Families can drive you crazy too, but who cares?  I’m blessed to have a great extended family with a cast of characters and kids I’m so proud to know.  Who knew other peoples kids could be so awesome?

4) My Friends.  Lovely people who laugh with me, at me and because of me.  People you can call late at night to pick you up if your car dies or remind you you’re nicer than you think you are and believe you can you do anything.  Crazies.

5) Barns.  A shelter from the wind and rain.  There’s just something really great about a barn.

6) Dogs that pee outside and come when they’re called.  If they hear you.

7) My car that’s so cheap on gas it’s almost embarrassing.  Go Civics!

Eight (written long because when you put an 8 + ) together you get this… 8) BBC programming like Jimmy’s Farm, River Cottage.  Can I include Jamie Oliver here too?

9) Overcoming a fear of baking.

10) My camera.  I love my camera.  And Photoshop.


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