Why Canada’s Awesome & Why We Shouldn’t Complain…as much.

Today Kenny and I visited the multi-cultural festival at the Seaport in Halifax.  Lots of food vendors selling stuff that was awesome like veggie wrap things and not so awesome stuff like the noodles Kenny bought.  There were a variety of sellers there as well with art, jewelry and a bunch of other stuff that didn’t really interest me (except the awesome silver jewelry from Peru but I digress).  However, as I rounded one corner booth there were hundreds of bibles on a table in every language you could imagine.  Lots of people looking them over and many languages I have no idea what they were.  A little further on there was a Jewish society display and parked right next beside it a display about Islam.  Can you imagine this happening any where other than Canada?  You go Canada.  Happy Birthday and God has already blessed us by us even having the privilege of even being born here.

Now on to why we shouldn’t complain as much?  On our way back to our car – it was a LONG walk. I wore sandals.  I started to complain.  Then we round a corner and there’s this guy, with leg braces on and a crutch pushing a lady in a wheel chair up the sidewalk.  He had just gotten up a slight incline which probably was not easy.  I smiled right at him because I was beyond impressed with his spirit and forgot all about my sore feet.  He smiled, let out a sigh and kept on trucking.  Count your blessings people because “even in the dark you can still see the light…it’s gonna be alright.”


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