What do you want?

Sometimes all people want is everything.

It’s probably a good thing that rudeness, questionable behaviour and the things people do or say still surprise me.  I hope I never get to a point where I am no longer surprised by them.

At my core, I don’t really care what people think or do. I care when it affects me and my rights, but at the end of the day – give ‘er.  I, of course have an opinion on everything, who doesn’t?  I don’t offer it up to people unsolicited (usually), but I have an opinion (and if I don’t currently have one, just give me a few minutes and I’ll conjure one up)  Does that make me opinionated?  Probably, but so are you.  You just had one.  About me.

The problem I have is that I get tired of other peoples opinions.  I get tired of hearing them, tired of thinking about them and tired of dealing with the people on the other end of them.  Which is fine, really – just give me back the same respect I give you – that it’s your right to have one.  Even if I think it’s wrong.

There’s a great line from a song by the band, Need to Breathe that says, “…just ’cause I’m wrong, it don’t make you right, no you ain’t right.”

There are things I think are completely true.  I’ve hitched my wagon to it.


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