Day 5 – 365grateful

Precious Gift From God
Grateful to be part if this little one’s life and special day. We love you and promise to pray for you always. May God bless you and your life ahead Miss Mackenzie baby.



Day 2 – 365grateful

I would like to start off today by saying that in no way is this project an “order if importance” kind of thing. If I get too wrapped up in worrying about being judged for what I find myself grateful for on any given day – it’s not going to be honest or authentic. Two of many things I value very highly. So if I’m grateful for a grape slushy or a good shampoo before say…penicillin you get why.

People Who Make Me Laugh
Thank you friends for making me laugh and having fun being yourself without caring what you look like. I love people who are “all in”. Maybe I can be more like you guys when I grow up.



Day 1 – My 365grateful Project

Today is the first day I embark on my very own 365grateful Project. The Original 365 Grateful Project had been something I was only vaguely aware of until my super talented friend shared some videos with me, introducing me to a very talented filmmaker Hailey Bartholomew.
I connected with her story and thought I might try it myself. So here we go!

Every day I am grateful for this man. He puts me first and loves me even when I don’t deserve it.


What do you want?

Sometimes all people want is everything.

It’s probably a good thing that rudeness, questionable behaviour and the things people do or say still surprise me.  I hope I never get to a point where I am no longer surprised by them.

At my core, I don’t really care what people think or do. I care when it affects me and my rights, but at the end of the day – give ‘er.  I, of course have an opinion on everything, who doesn’t?  I don’t offer it up to people unsolicited (usually), but I have an opinion (and if I don’t currently have one, just give me a few minutes and I’ll conjure one up)  Does that make me opinionated?  Probably, but so are you.  You just had one.  About me.

The problem I have is that I get tired of other peoples opinions.  I get tired of hearing them, tired of thinking about them and tired of dealing with the people on the other end of them.  Which is fine, really – just give me back the same respect I give you – that it’s your right to have one.  Even if I think it’s wrong.

There’s a great line from a song by the band, Need to Breathe that says, “…just ’cause I’m wrong, it don’t make you right, no you ain’t right.”

There are things I think are completely true.  I’ve hitched my wagon to it.

it's my life near the windswept rocks