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Day 15 – 365 Grateful

Humour at work
It takes many forms. And sometimes it’s a little psychopathic treatment of a chocolate bunny. You take it where you can get it.



Day 12 – 365grateful

New Kicks
In the first grade my new “indoor” sneakers were “Bionic Man” sneakers. I thought they were awesome. They even had Steve Austin’s face on the tread. I remember being so excited to try them out in gym class and made the bionic man sound effects in my head as we ran around the auditorium. I told Papa that night when I got home that I was pretty sure I could run a little bit faster in those sneakers.
I still love new sneakers – with or without Lee Majors face on the sole.


Day 9 – 365grateful

Celebration Snacks.
Kenny got an award for 10 Years with his work and before hand there was a reception with delicious snacks and an awesome fruit tray I would have loved to jam in my purse if I carried one. I’m grateful I didn’t have to make or buy supper and that it was tasty! Grateful also that Kenny has a job he loves, even when others try to make it hard to.


Day 7 – 365grateful

A Job I Love.
After what seemed like a prison sentence more than a job, I now feel like I’m dreaming in a way. I have a job with little stress, lots if variety and feel like people appreciate what I do and think I’m good at it. I’ve had the opportunity to grow and learn and do some if the best work I’ve ever done. Is this real life?
While I miss some people from my old work (ok like 4, and you know who you are D, MJ, A & A) πŸ˜‰ I don’t miss the rest of it. Unrealistic deadlines, responsibility that grossly out-matched salary, peers who got ahead not by hard work, and the steady disapproval that neither empowered or enriched.
Not bitter, but better and grateful for it.