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Day 15 – 365 Grateful

Humour at work
It takes many forms. And sometimes it’s a little psychopathic treatment of a chocolate bunny. You take it where you can get it.



Day 13 – 365grateful

My Sweet Hairdresser.
Ahhhh….so grateful for this sweet girl who gently talks me down from the proverbial ledge of wanting to shave my head because I let too much time pass between appointments. Thanks K for always making my hair look awesome and my day a whole lot brighter!



Day 12 – 365grateful

New Kicks
In the first grade my new “indoor” sneakers were “Bionic Man” sneakers. I thought they were awesome. They even had Steve Austin’s face on the tread. I remember being so excited to try them out in gym class and made the bionic man sound effects in my head as we ran around the auditorium. I told Papa that night when I got home that I was pretty sure I could run a little bit faster in those sneakers.
I still love new sneakers – with or without Lee Majors face on the sole.



Day 11 – 365grateful

Nobody said this had to be 365 consecutive days did they? I must have missed that part. 😉
Cool Peeps
Grateful today for people like Johanna who make work fun and who are living what they love. 🙂



Day 10 – 365grateful

Or more accurately the END of February, the longest, shortest, coldest month. Good riddance! Bon Voyage! Au revoir! Don’t let the door hit you in the butt on the way out! 🙂



Day 9 – 365grateful

Celebration Snacks.
Kenny got an award for 10 Years with his work and before hand there was a reception with delicious snacks and an awesome fruit tray I would have loved to jam in my purse if I carried one. I’m grateful I didn’t have to make or buy supper and that it was tasty! Grateful also that Kenny has a job he loves, even when others try to make it hard to.



Day 8 – 365grateful


It’s Wednesday and that means two things at our house. Awana and Duck Dynasty. Two of my favourite things and they always make me feel better. Here’s to the Robertsons who are living it out loud and making it ok to be a redneck – and thank God because acting normal is wearing me out Jack!


Day 7 – 365grateful

A Job I Love.
After what seemed like a prison sentence more than a job, I now feel like I’m dreaming in a way. I have a job with little stress, lots if variety and feel like people appreciate what I do and think I’m good at it. I’ve had the opportunity to grow and learn and do some if the best work I’ve ever done. Is this real life?
While I miss some people from my old work (ok like 4, and you know who you are D, MJ, A & A) 😉 I don’t miss the rest of it. Unrealistic deadlines, responsibility that grossly out-matched salary, peers who got ahead not by hard work, and the steady disapproval that neither empowered or enriched.
Not bitter, but better and grateful for it.



Day 5 – 365grateful

Precious Gift From God
Grateful to be part if this little one’s life and special day. We love you and promise to pray for you always. May God bless you and your life ahead Miss Mackenzie baby.



Day 4 – 365grateful

Thankful today for these awesome short peeps who make me smile, laugh and love. Plus, who can resist cosmic bowling where your socks light up.



Day 3 – 365grateful

Grateful for a father that taught me independence, how to look after myself, work hard, not to hold a grudge when what’s done is done, that I’m stronger than I think and that there’s no such thing as a bad day fishing. I miss you Papa.